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2-Stage Variable Speed Furnace Saves Money

From the Elite Series, the EL296V is a 2-stage variable speed furnace that’s rated up to 96% AFUE. That means 96 cents out of every dollar spent goes towards heating your Portland area home. 

If you’re looking to replace your aging gas furnace, you should consider the EL296V from Lennox.  If your current furnace is more than 10 years old or is a single stage gas furnace, you’ll save a considerable amount by installing a high efficiency furnace.

2-stage vs. single stage furnace

A single stage furnace only has one setting and that means when it’s on, it’s running full blast.  A 2-stage furnace has a low and high setting.  It typically runs on the low setting 80% of the time as that is sufficient to keep your home at the set temperature. 

It only switches over to the high setting when needed, which is usually during extremely cold weather.  Having two settings results in more consistency as it’s better at regulating the temperature in your home.

How much can you save?

You may be surprised by how much you can save by installing a more energy efficient gas furnace.  We like to point out that you’ll probably have this new furnace for at least 10 years (with yearly maintenance checks, it could even be 15 years).

Lennox compared a 96% and 60% AFUE-rated furnace.  It found (on average) that you could save 37% annually.  That adds up to $3,759 over 5 years, $7,518 over 10 years and $11,277 over 15 years.  (Keep in mind, these estimates are based on national averages and your results could differ).

Variable speed motor = comfort

One of the biggest advantages of the EL296V is the variable speed blower motor.  Instead of a big blast of air when starting up, it adjusts its airflow to disperse even heat. 

The outcome is a more consistent heat that eliminates temperature swings.  Why?  The high-efficiency variable speed motor is better at finding a smart balance between energy use and comfortable warmth.

EL296V benefits & features

Increased air quality

Low speed operation means the furnace runs for longer periods of time.  When fan is in constant motion, it captures more air, which filters out more contaminants for better air quality.

Lennox is known for building high quality durable equipment that lasts. In addition, yearly maintenance will keep your new Lennox furnace running at peak efficiency while ensuring a longer life.

Contact Midway Heating for your free estimate.  Our experienced HVAC techs will ask questions to see if this 2-stage variable speed furnace is right for you or another Lennox furnace would better suit your needs.. 

Plus, we’ll fill you in on the current NW Natural incentives that make getting your new furnace even easier.