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Apr 4, 2018

Affordable Cooling? Energy Efficient A/C For Portland Oregon

Energy Efficient Air ConditionerWith hot weather on the way, every Portland Oregon homeowner is looking for an air conditioner that delivers affordable cooling for their house.

As a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, Midway Heating installs energy efficient Lennox equipment. If you’re on a budget, the EL16XC1 is your best bet for a high efficiency A/C unit to cool your home.

Energy smart air conditioner

We’re lucky that when the Portland area gets hot weather, it usually doesn’t last too long.

This means you won’t need to run your A/C every day in the summer and therefore, you don’t need to buy the most efficient model on the market to see savings.

You can buy a reasonably priced mid-range model and still save money on your cooling bills.   This is especially true if you are replacing an aging unit that’s over 10 years old as air conditioners have gotten much more efficient over the years.

A/C comparison 10 SEER vs. 17 SEER

To give you an idea of how much you can save, Lennox compared a 10 SEER unit with a 17 SEER unit, like the EL16XC1.  The study found that 41% can be saved per year (based on the U.S. national average).

In 5 years, the savings totaled $670 and in 10 years, you’ll save $1,340.  It’s easy to calculate that when you add up all that money over the lifetime of the unit, installing a new air conditioner will pay for itself.  Plus, you and your family won’t have to suffer through heat waves.

EL16XC1 has money & energy saving features

  • Up to 17.00 SEEREnergy Efficient A/C Unit
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Quiet-Silent Comfort Technology
  • Long lasting performance-Quantum coil resists corrosion
  • Energy saving precision-engineered scroll compressor
  • Durable design-PermaGuard cabinet withstands outside elements
  • Better air quality-add Humidtrol whole home dehumidification system

Quiet operation you’ll love

Even on hot days when it’s running a lot, the precision-balanced, direct-drive fan delivers quieter operation.  Why?  The precision engineered scroll compressor includes a sound dampening system to keep sound levels as low as 71 decibels.

No matter how much it’s running, the advanced technology of Lennox components is built to perform in the most demanding conditions for years.

Quantum coil delivers in coastal areas

Lennox has the reputation of producing quality equipment and the Quantum coil is the perfect example.  To understand this, you need to know that the coil inside an air conditioner keeps your home cool by pulling heat out of the air.

The Quantum coil is engineered from fortified aluminum alloy and was tested in the harshest of conditions, including salty and humid environments.  This model was built to handle heat and humidity without a problem so if you live on the Oregon coast, this is a great cooling solution for you home.

Worry free comfort you can afford

If you want affordable cooling without any worry, contact us today for your free estimate of this high efficiency air conditioning unit.  You’ll love the money you save on your cooling bills.