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Sep 1, 2017

Ductless heat pump can be a perfect solution for your Portland home

Many Portland homeowners have a room or area in their house that is always uncomfortable-too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Maybe it’s a sun Portland ductless heat pumpsroom or new addition to your home but for whatever reason, the temperature in that room is never comfortable and you don’t know what to do about it.

Read on to find out why a ductless heat pump can be a great solution for 1 room or your entire Portland home.

What is a ductless heat pump?

First, you should know ductless heat pumps are often referred to as mini-split systems or ductless air conditioners.  Like a traditional heat pump, a ductless system provides both heating and cooling but operates without any duct work (hence the name).

Since there is no duct work involved in the delivery of the hot/cool air, there is NO loss of energy from leaky or unsealed ducts. Did you know up to 30% of energy can be lost through ducts?

Energy efficient heating and cooling solution

Mini-split systems are a great choice for homes with ‘non-ducted’ heating, like hydronic (hot water heat), radiant panels or space heaters.  They are also a good choice for new additions or remodeled areas of your home where it wasn’t possible to extend the ductwork of your current heating and cooling system.

If you don’t have air conditioning, a ductless system is a good choice as you may only have a few rooms in your home that get uncomfortable when the hot weather arrives in the summer.

The cost of installing a/c may be beyond your budget BUT a ductless system may be the answer for you as they are extremely energy efficient and since there’s no duct work to install, they are faster and less expensive than other options.

Benefits of ductless heat pumps

  • Save energy- extremely efficient as no energy is lost in the ductwork.
  • Save money-monthly energy bills will decrease as they are energy efficient.
  • Reduced noise-outside unit runs very quietly.
  • Increased comfort-precise temperature control as each unit has its own remote control.
  • Better air quality-air filter reduces allergens in the air so it’s good for those with asthma or allergies.
  • Simple installation-there is no ductwork so it’s faster to install.

How does a ductless system work?Ductless Heat Pump for your Portland home

A ductless heat pump consists of 2 parts: an outdoor compressor/condenser unit and an indoor air handling unit.

The outdoor compressor and the indoor air-handling unit are connected by a conduit, which houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing and a condensate drain.

This conduit is quite small so only a very small opening (around 3 inches) is needed in the wall of your home to connect the 2 components.

The connecting conduit is available in varying lengths so you can install the indoor unit in any room of your house but put the outdoor compressor/condensing unit near the back of the house or an area where it is hidden from view.

1 room or multiple room solution

You can get a ductless system with only 1 indoor unit (if you only need to heat/cool 1 room or small area) or there are models where you can have up to 4 or 6 indoor units connected to 1 outdoor compressor for cooling/heating multiple rooms-even your entire house.

If you install your ductless heat pump to work with multiple indoor units, this makes zoning your home easy as each indoor unit has its own control. This helps to increase efficiency as each room can be set at a different temperature so everyone is comfortable and saves money on your monthly bills as you don’t need to heat/cool rooms when no one is using it.

The indoor units are versatile with a contemporary look.  There are models which stand on the floor though most are made for mounting onto the wall or ceiling and they come with remote controls so don’t worry about them being located out of reach.  With your remote, you can easily control it no matter where it is.

Incentives for installing ductless systems

Ductless heat pump systems may qualify for tax credits and rebates so if you’re interested in installing a ductless system; make sure you ask which models are eligible.  For homeowners in Portland, the Oregon Department of Energy offers residential energy tax credits so click here to see the current information.

Depending on your heating and cooling situation, ductless heat pumps can be a great solution for Portland Oregon homeowners.  Midway Heating Company installs several brands so contact us for a free estimate.