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Most efficient gas furnace for Portland homes

The quietest and most efficient gas furnace you can buy for your Portland home, the SLP99V from Lennox has been deemed one of the Most Efficient Energy Star Certified products in 2020.

Rated up to 99% AFUE, essentially all the energy created goes to heating your Portland home.  You can feel good knowing that 99 cents out of every dollar spent on heating is going to heat your home. 

SLP99V furnace features

With state-of-the-art components, the following features make the SLP99V efficient because it is build to produce exactly enough energy to meet your set temperature so there’s no waste.

Build to last with a Duralok Plus heat exchanger, Lennox offers a Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty and a 10-year Limited Warranty on covered components. 

Control at your fingertips

Pairing the SLP99V with the iComfort -S30 smart thermostat lets you control the furnace with your smart phone, tablet or anywhere you have internet access.  This means you can make changes no matter where you are.  It uses sensors to react, diagnose and troubleshoot any issues that may arise and (if enabled) has the capability to notify your HVAC installer.

A learning thermostat, it knows when you come home and adjusts the setting to keep your house at your ideal temperature.  Likewise, it knows when you leave and changes to save energy while no one is home.  The system even responds to the outdoor environment and changes to account for pollen and the outdoor air quality.

Ultimate Home Comfort System

If you’re looking to install the ‘best of the best’ in your Portland home, the SLP99V furnace is part of Lennox’s Ultimate Comfort System.  This heating and cooling system contains the most energy efficient and technologically advanced equipment available.

The system delivers clean, perfect air and maintains your preferred temperature and humidity level with unparalleled accuracy.  You can increase your energy savings with iHarmony Zoning, which allows you to set sections of your Portland home at different temperatures.

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