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Efficient Gas Furnace For Portland Homes

Updated September 2021-The SLP98V is out of production. It has been replaced by the SLP99V, which is rated up to 99% AFUE.

This efficient gas furnace makes it possible to be comfortable AND save energy at the same time.

Selected as one of the most efficient Energy Star certified products of 2018, the SLP98V gas furnace from Lennox is the quietest and most efficient on the market.

Higher efficiency = lower heating bills

Its 98.7% AFUE rating means that for every dollar you spend on heating your Portland home, only 1.3 cents are wasted. You can’t get much better than that!

Compare that to an 80% AFUE-rated furnace where 20 cents out of every dollar is wasted. Add that up over the lifetime of the furnace and you can see why so many people are installing this model.

Read this past blog post to learn about NW Natural incentives available to make installation even more affordable.

Why should you install the SLP98V furnace?

Innovative technology = benefits

From the Dave Lennox Signature collection, the SLP98V variable capacity furnace takes advantage of the latest in innovative HVAC engineering to deliver high efficiency performance in a quiet package.

Precise Comfort technology

A vital part of this technology is variable-capacity heating, which keeps the temperature within 0.5 degrees of your ideal settings.  How? Like cruise control in your car, this variable-speed furnace automatically makes small corrections on a continuous basis in increments as small as 1%.

This results in an evenly heating home where your perfect temperature is constantly maintained. Less efficient furnaces have a single-stage motor, which is either running at full power or not at all.

This results in temperature swings between cycles as it doesn’t have the ability to fine-tune its output like a variable speed furnace.

Efficient gas furnace saves money

A variable speed furnace means the indoor blower motor cycles up and down to hold the temperature exactly where you want it.  This saves energy since the motor only runs as fast or as often as needed to sustain your desired set temp.

In addition, a secondary heat exchanger makes this furnace even more efficient by capturing waste heat.

When paired with the iComfort S30 smart thermostat, it will adjust its gas valve to any level between 35% and 100% so you never overheat your home.  You can also combine the furnace with a heat pump for even more energy savings. Read more about how a heat pump works in this blog post.

SilentComfort technology

Many people are surprised at how quiet the SLP98V is when compared to their older single-stage furnace.  Of course, the variable speed blower helps since it’s doesn’t have to run at full power with loud blasts of air when starting.  Instead, it’s able to run at a lower power resulting in less noise and more even heating.

In addition, the heavy cabinet is lined with special insulation to absorb sound, which also aids in it being up to 10 times quieter than other models.

iComfort-enabled thermostat

To get the most out of your new gas furnace, you can pair it with the iComfort S30 smart thermostat.  This wi-fi-enabled thermostat can be controlled by your smart phone (just download the app).

Once you put in your settings, the S30 monitors your routine and automatically makes changes to maximize your energy savings.  Using the GPS on your phone, it knows where you are and adjusts the temp accordingly.

For example, it lowers the temp when you’re gone but brings it back up so your house is at the ideal temp when you arrive home.  This saves you money and energy.

Midway Heating offers free estimates on furnace installation and will happily answer all your questions.  Contact us today because you deserve the exceptional comfort of this efficient gas furnace.