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Apr 12, 2017

Why A Heat Pump Is A Good Choice For Your Home

Why a heat pump is a good choice for your homeDid you know that for every $1 of electricity that goes into your heat pump, you get $2 to $4 worth of heat?

That’s sounds like quite a bargain and that’s why a heat pump is a good choice for your home when you live in the Portland Oregon area. In addition, if you have an electric or gas furnace, you can save an estimated 1/3 to 1/2 on your heating bill.

Of course, let’s not forget another HUGE reason for installing a heat pump-it cools too so you’ll not only save money on your heating in the winter, you’ll also be cool all summer long.

We’re going to take an in-depth look at 2 heat pumps (XP25 and XP21) from Lennox  so you can see why they are so efficient and dependable.

Special note-Heat pumps run on electricity and if you want to know more about how they work, we encourage you to check out this past blog post explaining how heat pumps operate.

Lennox heat pumps = energy efficient performance

While the model names XP25 and XP21 are forgettable, their performance is not.  Maybe they should be renamed Super-Efficient Heating and Cooling Machines as that’s what they are.  Both models have earned the Energy Star rating and have special recognition as two of the most efficient of all Energy Star products.

Combine with gas furnace for extra savings

All these models have dual fuel capability, which means they can be combined with a gas furnace for extra savings. By sharing the work load, each piece of equipment works at maximum efficiency saving both energy and money.

How heat pumps work

Since a heat pump works best in moderate temperatures, it supplies your house with heat until the temps get to around freezing, then your gas furnace takes over the heating (gas furnaces are most efficient in colder temps so this works great).  When the temps warm up and it gets back to above freezing, the heat pump takes over again.  As you can see, the two work in perfect harmony.

XP25 heat pump

Top of the line in both comfort and efficiency-it doesn’t get any better than this.

  • 23.50 SEER and 10.20 HSPF
  • Precise comfort technology-1st heat pump that can change its output in increments of 1% so it’s always within 0.5 degree of the set temperature with no hot or cold swings.
  • Variable-capacity Inverter Controlled Compressor-adjusts output in increments as low as 1% so it heats and cools your home with minimal energy as well as keeping the temperature consistent.
  • Uses R-410A refrigerant that’s EPA-approved.
  • PermaGuard cabinet-Long lasting heavy-gauged galvanized steel coil guard has baked-on powder finish with a zinc-coated steel base for protection from rust and corrosion.

XP21 heat pumpWhy a heat pump is a good choice for your Portland home.

One of the most quietest & energy efficient on the market

  • 19.20 SEER and 9.70 HSPF
  • 2-stage scroll compressor-operates on low most of the time for more efficient & quieter performance.
  • Insulated compressor compartment-reduces noise with innovative materials & vibration-isolating mounts.
  • 2-stage operation-keeps your home at precise temps  & there’s no big temp swings.
  • PermaGuard cabinet-Durable heavy-gauged galvanized steel coil guard with baked-on powder finish and zinc-coated steel base resists corrosion and rust.

Both heat pumps have the following features

  • Silent Comfort Fan Grille-patent-pending technology decreases the sound of airflow coming out of the unit so it runs quieter.
  • Silent Comfort Outdoor Fan Motor with composite fan blades-automatically senses build-up of dirt, ice or frost so it starts with a higher torque so angled fan blades can break up debris before going back to normal operation.
  • iComfort-Enabled technology-communicates with other HVAC equipment in your home to make adjustments for maximum performance and efficiency.
  • Humiditrol Compatible-Adjusts the moisture in your home for greater comfort.
  • High-efficiency Outdoor Coil-Improves efficiency as it allows for better heat transfer and low air resistance.
  • SmartHinge Louver Design-Gives easy access to interior components from all sides to reduce time for maintenance.
  • SunSource Solar-Ready-Can add solar modules for a solar-powered system to generate the electricity needed to run it.

All of the features above provide the following benefits

1. Improve energy efficiency
2. Extend the life of the unit
3. Increase the comfort level

10 year limited Warranty

Both come with Lennox’s 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and all remaining covered components. As a Premier Lennox dealer, Midway Heating will take the time to explain the warranty so you understand what’s covered.  Plus, we’ll install it properly and give you a recommendation for ongoing maintenance to minimize the chance of any future problems.

Best performance comes from matching system

Lennox has innovative products all made to work together at peak efficiency but replacing only 1 piece of your home’s heating and cooling system may not result in the energy efficiency you want.  Why?   Because the various units may not be compatible with each other in size and/or type.

Since you’re investing in new equipment, it makes sense that you should want the maximum performance available from each component.  This means it’s best to replace the entire system at 1 time with new equipment build to work together.  The experts at Midway Heating will take a look at your home’s equipment and give you our best professional assessment.

We just gave you a lot of information so contact Midway Heating if you have questions.