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Highly Efficient EL297V Furnace-New From Lennox

The highly efficient EL297V furnace is the newest from Lennox’s Elite Series.  The digital, 2-stage variable-speed gas furnace offers an affordable option for Portland homeowners wanting to upgrade to a more efficient system.

2-stage furnace delivers comfort to Portland homes

Most furnaces are single stage which means they are either on or off and when it runs, it does so at full speed.  The EL297V is a 2-stage furnace which means it heats at two different speeds. 

It runs at the lower speed most of the time and only ramps up to the higher speed when needed to achieve your set temperature.  Working this way results in a balanced and consistent temperature while using less energy.

Efficiency with even heating

The variable-speed blower motor slowly ramps airflow up or down to precisely match your set temperature.  This also results in consistently even temps throughout your home since it produces just enough airflow at any given time.

EL297V features deliver savings and comfort.

Its two-stage operation combined with a variable-speed blower results in high efficiency, reduced noise and even temperatures for a more comfortable home.

Digital furnace pairs with smart thermostat

The EL297V is designed to pair with the Lennox S40 Smart Thermostat as part of a fully communicating home comfort system.  Sensors in the furnace let the thermostat diagnose issues and automatically adjust (as needed) to maintain your set temperature, humidity, and air quality.

Dual-fuel capable pairs with heat pump

Dual-fuel capability meaning you can pair your EL97V furnace with a heat pump.  This allows your heating system to automatically switch back and forth between your furnace and electric heat pump for greater efficiency.

Another bonus to having a heat pump is that it provides heating and cooling.  If you don’t have air conditioning, this solves your cooling problem in the hot months.  You’ll save money as your system chooses the most cost-efficient method for your weather conditions.

Rebates and incentives on installs

Contact Midway Heating Company to schedule your free estimate on the highly efficient EL297V furnace.  We’ll tell you about current incentives and see if it’s the right furnace for your Portland home.