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Features on Lennox energy efficient gas furnaces

So you’ve started your search for a new gas furnace and may be a little confused about the features listed with the various models.  To help you, here’s a detailed look at the features on the Lennox energy efficient gas furnaces listed on our Midway Heating website.

Lennox offers 3 levels of equipment

The Dave Lennox Signature collection is the top of the line and includes the latest and greatest technology the heating and cooling industry has to offer, which means equipment in this collection provides exceptional efficiency and comfort levels.

The Elite Series falls in the middle with environmentally sound engineering with good quality and reliability while the Merit line offers dependability and comfort at affordable prices for people who are on a budget.

Features of Lennox energy efficient gas furnaces

Dual-fuel capability

The Dual-fuel capability means the furnace can be combined with an electric heat pump to increase the comfort level and efficiency of the furnace.  With the 2 pieces of equipment working together, it alternates between electric and gas heat, which makes your furnace/heat pump combination more energy efficient and this, in turn, saves you money on heating costs.

Variable-capacity operation

The difference between a 1 and 2-stage furnace is that a 1-stage always runs at high power while 2-stage has a high/low setting but variable-capacity operation takes this concept one step further.

A variable-capacity furnace can modify its output anywhere between the range of 35% and 100% which makes it more efficient.

Variable-speed technology

This delivers better humidity control along with stable airflow to improve the comfort level in your home and the indoor air quality so if someone in your family has asthma, allergies or other breathing issues, they will be more comfortable.

Self-calibrating variable speed inducer

Self-calibrating means it automatically adjusts to match the system requirements guaranteeing a cleaner combustion and more efficient operation.

SilentComfort™ technology

If your current furnace is a little noisy, you’ll appreciate this piece of technology even more than most!  SilentComfort™ technology provides the definitive in quiet, consistent heating with this furnace being up to 7 times quieter than other brands.

Precise Comfort™ technology

This piece of technology gives the furnace the ability to automatically adjust the fan speed, heat and airflow capacity in increments as small as 1% so it ensures you have the absolute ‘cream of the crop’ in temperature control for your home.

This is wonderful as it eliminates big temperature swings and that’s something everyone in the home will appreciate.

Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger

The heat exchanger has a rugged, time-tested design that captures heat (which would otherwise be wasted) and recycles it to give the furnace one of the highest efficiency levels in the HVAC industry, which saves you money on your monthly energy bills.

Sealed blower compartment

The sealed blower compartment helps minimize losses and maximizes efficiency and comfort and works with all the other features of the furnace to deliver higher efficiency, which ultimately saves you money on your utility bills.

Fully insulated cabinet

The cabinet of the furnace is built with a patented noise-reducing design and material to decrease the operating sound to an industry-leading low level.  They can’t make it silent but they came pretty close.

icomfort™-enabled technology

This technology allows the furnace to communicate and exchange information with the icomfort Wi-Fi® Thermostat so that your furnace can make adjustments as needed to increase its efficiency and comfort level in your home.  This means you won’t have to constantly adjust the thermostat to get your house at the right temperature.

We hope this helps you understand the technology behind Lennox energy efficient gas furnaces and how these scientific advances will make your home more comfortable while saving energy and money.

Midway Heating Company has met all the requirements to be a Lennox Premier Dealer.  Contact us for your free estimate if you are a Portland area homeowner in the market for a new furnace.