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Most Energy Efficient Single Stage A/C Units For Portland

Your family doesn’t need to suffer through another hot summer. 

You can save hundreds of dollars this year by installing the SL18XC1, the most energy efficient single stage air conditioning unit from Lennox.

Up to 43% more efficient than older 10-SEER models, this 18-SEER rated model is equally popular with Portland Oregon homeowners looking to upgrade and those installing air conditioning for the first time.

Features & benefits

The SL18XC1 is from the Dave Lennox Signature collection, which is their most advanced line of equipment built from premium materials.   

This energy efficient model runs quieter than a vacuum and will save you money on cooling.

Compatible with smart thermostat

iComfort-enabled means that it can be paired with the Lennox S30 smart thermostat.   The S30 is a learning thermostat and changes its settings to match your routine.  For example, it’ll lower the temperature when you’re gone yet return it to your preferred setting by the time you arrive home. 

Since you can control it with your phone, you can make adjustments if you’re running late or returning home early so your home will always be at your perfect temp. Plus, you’ll save energy and money on your monthly utility bills by not wasting energy when no one is home.

Advanced technology delivers comfort

The condenser coil is the part of the A/C that draws hot air from inside your house and transfers it outside.  The Lennox Quantum Coil does this job more efficiently than other models on the market. Plus, it’s constructed of aluminum alloy to resists corrosion in harsh elements, including salt water in coastal environments.

Compared to older A/C units, this A/C unit runs much quieter. Its SilentComfort technology fuses thick insulation with a specially shaped fan blade that resists vibration to significantly lower sound levels.  Everyone in the family will appreciate how quiet it is.

Solar ready design

This means it can be easily combined with solar roof modules in a SunSource Home Energy system.  Why do this?  It could reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 50% and you may be eligible for federal and/or state tax credits.

Free estimates by Lennox Premier Dealer

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