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New Lennox Heat Pumps & A/Cs For Portland

New Lennox heat pumps and A/C units have arrived just in time for summer.  Portland homeowners thinking about installing A/C or a heat pump will love these new energy efficient models.

Installing a heat pump or A/C is a big decision. Our staff walks you through the pros and cons of each while considering the size of your home, budget, and comfort preferences. 

Dual-fueled compatible heat pumps

Heat pumps are great because they provide heating and cooling for your entire house. Paired with a Lennox furnace, your home alternates between the two for peak comfort and efficiency.  

In winter, it provides heat until the outside temperature reaches freezing and then your furnace takes over. This decreases the amount of time your furnace needs to work.

In the summer, it removes heat from your home keeping it cool. If you’re unfamiliar with how they work, read this blog post with the details.

Lennox equipment is tough

All models in this post have Lennox’s proprietary design to give them a longer life as well as being easier to install and service.  The durable PermaGuard cabinet protects against rust and corrosion, which is vital for our wet and often stormy PNW environment.

Elite Series heat pumps

Elite Series units have softer lines to give them an appliance-like appearance.  SmartHinge coil protection aids routine maintenance by making it easier to clean the coils.

EL18XPV is digital ready unit

Pair with an iComfort-enabled furnace and S30 smart thermostat for maximum efficiency to save even more on your energy bills.

What is iComfort-enabled?

iComfort-enabled models are designed to work with an iComfort smart thermostat. Part of an advanced home comfort system, it gives you more control than other analog thermostats. 

EL16XP1 Cooling on a budget

Need a more affordable option?  This model delivers great comfort with remarkable efficiency for a single-stage compressor.

ML 14XP1 is budget friendly

From the Merit Series, the ML14XP1 is affordable. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm with the winter without spending a fortune. 

EL18XCV A/C is digital ready

Digital ready means this A/C unit can be paired with the iComfort-enabled furnace and S30 smart thermostat to maximize efficiency.

Best-selling central air conditioners

Visit our Featured Product page for information on our 4 most popular central a/c units.  All energy efficient, models range from our most quiet and precise units to more affordable ones for those on a budget.

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