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NWN Installation Incentives For Portland

As a NW Natural Preferred Contractor and Trade Ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon, Midway Heating wants you to know about NWN installation incentives available now through December 31, 2021.

Install high efficiency equipment

The best deals are available to new customers of NW Natural.  All Portland homeowners who currently have oil or electric furnaces and want to convert to high efficiency natural gas furnaces and/or central air conditioning are eligible.  If you have an old gas furnace, you can qualify for discounts when you upgrade to a high efficiency model.

Please note-If you currently do not have a gas line running into your house, we’ll check if natural gas is available in your neighborhood.

New NWN customer incentives 

If you have an oil or electric heating system and want to convert to natural gas, the following incentives are available when you install a high-efficiency natural gas furnace and central air conditioner by a NW Natural Preferred Contractor, like Midway Heating Company.  This offer runs until December 31, 2021. Restrictions apply.

Up to $1,550 for switching to natural gas

Energy Trust of Oregon discounts if you meet requirements

Oregon customers served by PGE or Pacific Power may also be eligible for a $250 incentive, courtesy of Energy Trust of Oregon, for purchase and installation of a central air conditioner with a minimum EER of 12 or higher and a minimum SEER of 15. 

Existing NWN customer incentives 

Existing NWN customers are eligible for the following incentives when you upgrade to a high-efficiency gas furnace and installation is done by a NW Natural Preferred Contractor like Midway Heating. Restrictions apply.

Up to $750 back for upgrading

All the incentives listed above are good until December 31, 2021.  

Please note-ODOE tax credits are only available to homeowners of existing homes (not new construction) and only when the natural gas furnace is the primary heat source for the home. Example: if you have a heat pump and the furnace is the back-up heat source-you will not qualify for the tax credit.

Energy Trust of Oregon has a “Savings Within Reach” program to make it easier for homeowners on a budget to upgrade to a high efficiency equipment with their on-bill repayment financing and a $550 incentive for eligible households.  Incentives vary-call Midway for the details.

Not all equipment qualifies so we’ll let you know which models meet the requirements and how much you can save.

These incentives are only available until December 31, 2021 so Contact Midway Heating for your free estimate.