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Oil Furnace Having Problems? Think About Oil To Gas Conversion

If your aging oil furnace is plagued with problems, it may be time for you to consider converting to a natural gas furnace.

Can’t find tech to fix your oil furnace?

As oil furnaces become less popular, it’s getting harder and harder to find reliable repairmen to fix them.

Part of this is because many older technicians who work on oil furnaces are retiring and there’s no new techs to take their place.

The other part is demand for oil furnace techs have fallen.  Most new homes being built have gas furnaces as their heat source and many people with older homes have already replaced their oil furnace with a more efficient gas one.

All this adds up to less oil furnaces that need service and this decreased demand means not as many techs are being trained to work on oil furnaces.

Time for an oil to gas conversion?

So, if your oil furnace has a history of breaking down, you may want to think about converting to a natural gas furnace as gas has many benefits.  The process of conversion is not as complicated as you might think.

The key is to find a heating and cooling company, like Midway Heating, that is a NW Natural Preferred Contractor.

Being a NW Natural Preferred Contractor means our technicians routinely perform oil to gas conversions and are highly skilled in the entire process.  In addition, it means we work closely with the staff of NW Natural on a constant basis and that helps to facilitate the work being done.

Learn more about oil to gas conversion by visiting our website.

Natural gas is more convenient

People with an oil furnace may not realize how convenient it is to have a gas furnace.  You won’t have to remember to call and schedule an oil delivery and that means no more prepaying for fuel.

With gas, you’re invoiced monthly and only pay for the gas used during the previous month.  Think how much easier that will be to fit into your budget!

Gas furnace is more energy efficient

Even if you would have a new oil furnace installed, they are not as energy efficient as a gas furnace.  Lennox’s top gas furnace is 98% AFUE while the most efficient new oil furnace is only 86%.

That’s quite a difference that really adds up over the lifetime of a furnace.  When you get your heating bill each monty, you may be surprised at the amount of money that you’re saving.

Schedule your free consult  with Midway Heating

We offer free consults on oil to gas conversions, so it won’t cost you anything to find out more about the process.  Plus, there’s many incentives and rebates available to make the process more affordable for Portland homeowners.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by scheduling your free consult so contact Midway Heating to learn more about converting to a gas furnace.  You’ll be glad you did.