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Aug 1, 2018

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Options For Portland Oregon

If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, this is the year to do something about it.  There’s no need to suffer when there’s many economical and energy efficient air conditioning options.

Midway Heating is a Lennox Premiere energy efficient air conditioningdealer and with 3 series of energy efficient equipment, we have a solution for all budgets or comfort levels.

What is SEER?

It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is similar to gas mileage. The higher the number, the more energy efficient the unit, which means you’ll save energy and money on your monthly cooling bill.

It’s worthwhile to note that with a higher SEER rating, you’ll save more money though it’s relative to HOW MUCH you use your a/c unit.  For example, it takes more energy to cool a 3,000 sq. ft 2-story than a 1,400 sq. ft. ranch.

That’s where we come in-we’ll look at the size of your home and its current heating & cooling system.  Our expertise is balancing the economic investment, comfort and energy efficiency of each model to select the one best for you.

3 popular air conditioners from Lennox

Lennox has 3 levels of equipment.  We’ve picked 1 from each level and listed their benefits and features below.

Want the absolute best in efficiency and comfort?

The XC25 is the answer. From the Dave Lennox Signature collection, this a/c unit has earned the Energy Star label and is the most innovative and absolute best that Lennox has to offer.

Features of the XC25Lennox air conditioner

  • 26 SEER-highest efficiency unit on the market will save you hundreds of dollars each year
  • Precise-adjusts output to any level between 35% and 100% in increments of 1% so it uses the exact amount of energy to maintain desired temperature
  • Consistent coolness-no temperature swings as air will stay within 0.5 degrees of your set temp regardless of how hot it is outside
  • 50% Quieter than other units-composite fan designed with variable-speed operation and insulated compressor department to suppress noise
  • Higher comfort level-removes 30% more humidity from the air than a single stage unit so air feels more comfortable
  • Reliable-SilentComfort outdoor fan motor with composite fan blades delivers starting and running performance even under the harshest outdoor conditions
  • Quick access-SmartHinge louver design gives easy access to inside components

 Want the most bang for your buck?

The EL16XC1 is one of our best sellers in Portland. From their Elite Series, this single-stage model is Energy Star qualified and proves you don’t need to buy the most expensive model to get energy efficient cooling.

  • 17 SEER-up to 60% more efficient than standard a/c units to save hundreds of dollars each year
  • Durable-precision engineered scroll compressor for reliable performance
  • Save money-Lennox Quantum coil delivers in even the most demanding conditions
  • Quiet-special compressor with sound-dampening system has quieter operation than other units
  • Easy access-SmartHinge louver design for quick access from all sides of the unit during servicingPortlandACFamily

Need air conditioning on a tight budget?

The 13ACX is affordable for all budgets. From their Merit Series, this single stage unit delivers reliability and comfort at an excellent value so you can keep your family happy no matter how hot it is outside.

  • 13 SEER-still saves money over older units
  • Long lasting-precision scroll compressor delivers years of worry-free comfort
  • Quieter-Precision balance direct-drive fan designed to provide quieter operation
  • Comfort-works with Humiditrol Whole Home Dehumidification system

All Lennox models are durable

All Lennox a/c units have a long lasting PermaGuard cabinet to protect them from rust and corrosion caused by our harsh NW elements.

  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Louver coil guard
  • Baked-on powder finish
  • Durable zinc-coated steel base

The bottom line on air conditioning units

Many Portland homeowners can’t afford the top of the line unit but that doesn’t mean you have to go without a/c. That’s the best part about having so many models-it means there is one that will fit your budget so your family can be comfortable throughout the entire summer.

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