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Sep 20, 2017

Why Portland Oregon Homeowners need a furnace tune-up

Your furnace sits idle for many months and then, whenever the cold weather hits, you turn it on and expect it to work perfectly 24/7.   It may sit unused for only a few months but as is the case with any piece of equipment, dust and dirt collect inside and parts get worn over time.

Benefits of a yearly furnace tune-up

Save money on heating costs

Your auto mechanic has probably told you many times that your car will run better and last longer if you bring it in for regular maintenance.

Well, your furnace is no different.  As many homeowners in Portland Oregon wonder if the money spend on a furnace tune-up is really necessary, we’re here to explain why it’s money well spent.

  • Extend the life of your furnace
  • Save you money on heating
  • Prevent unwanted breakdowns
  • Improve the comfort level in your home

Save money on heating and cooling costs

When your furnace is running at peak efficiency, you’ll save money on your monthly energy bills.  Over the lifetime of your furnace, this can add up to big savings.  You will also save money by catching any small problems early.

What usually happens is that there was a problem, but it was small and did not prevent your furnace from heating your home.   Left unchecked, this small problem grew worse until it shut down the entire furnace in the middle of the night.

Now, you have no heat and are in a panic looking for a HVAC contractor who can fix your furnace right away.  During a furnace tune-up, our HVAC technicians will notice and address these small issues when they are less expensive to fix.

When comparing the cost of a tune-up to that of a major repair, it’s a no brainer.  You also have to think about the inconvenience and stress caused by unwanted breakdowns.

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 Maximum efficiency

Many things can affect the efficiency of your furnace -dirty filters and blowers, thermostat calibration, dust and dirt on moving parts, etc.

Many people don’t know these things affect how their furnace operates but they make it run less efficient.  This problem is easily solved as all these issues are addressed during a yearly tune-up.

Equipment lasts longer

As your furnace runs, dust and dirt collects on the moving parts and over time, can damage them.  During regular maintenance, all components are cleaned and checked, thereby keeping them in better condition, which extends the life of the equipment.

Midway Heating believes everyone in your family deserve to be warm and cozy this winter, especially the 4-legged family members.

What does a tune-up include?

The services offered by heating and cooling companies are different so their tune-ups might not be the same.  If you are comparing companies and prices, you should ask for a list of what their tune-ups include.  These items are usually covered.

  • Inspect electrical components for wear & tear to make sure they are operating correctly
  • Check the blower wheel for debris and clean (if necessary)
  • Measure the gas manifold pressure
  • Check all components of the heating assembly
  • Check burner for proper ignition and burner flame
  • Check temperature rise for gas furnace
  • Perform combustion efficiency test
  • Make sure all system controls are working
  • Check vent system for blockage
  • Change/clean filters

Please note-we recommend ALL heating and cooling equipment receive regular maintenance so make sure your heat pump and air conditioning units get a tune-up too.

Maintain warranty on HVAC equipment

Many manufacturers’ warranties require regular maintenance to satisfy the requirements of the warranty and you may actually void the warranty if your heating and cooling equipment is not maintained properly.

Each company has their own specifications so you want to make sure you do what’s necessary to keep your warranty intact.  In addition, damage caused by improper maintenance is usually not covered under the warranty or may void the warranty.  In either case, that means you’ll have to pay for the repair yourself.

We think that’s more than enough reasons for you to get a furnace tune-up so contact Midway Heating today to schedule a furnace tune-up for your Portland Oregon home.