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Best Ductless Heat Pumps For Portland

Ductless heat pumps may be the solution to the heating and cooling problems in your Portland Oregon home.  Their versatile ductless systems provide affordable heating and cooling for one or multiple rooms while delivering cleaner air since each indoor unit has its own air filter.

As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer, the technicians at Midway Heating Company have been trained in the proper installation and maintenance of their ductless systems.   Plus, they can be installed quicker because there is no ductwork involved.

Single & Multi-Zone ductless models

Our best-selling ductless heat pumps in Portland are the GL Series from Mitsubishi.  The MSZ-GL models are for single-zone use while MSY-GL models can be configured for multi-zones for many rooms or your whole house.

Zoned heating and air conditioning systems are a more efficient way to heat and cool because you can shut off operation of any rooms not in use.  An added benefit is that each area can be set at a different temperature to better suit the comfort of the people in that room.

INVERTER maximizes efficiency.

Conventional heating/cooling systems turn on as needed to maintain your desired temp, but the INVERTER (the heart of the Mitsubishi system) operates differently.  Like your heart, it is always active and therefore, does away with the start/stop cycles that waste energy. 

Automatically adjusting when it detects even the slightest change, the temperature is always right on the money.  This saves energy by using the exact amount of energy necessary to maintain your set temperature. The result? It can reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.

Ductless heat pump components

For more details on how they operate, read this past post on ductless heat pump systems.

GL models are most popular.

Portland homeowners like the compact design of the wall-mounted units in the GL Series.  Available in a variety of sizes, GL models come standard with the following features and benefits.  

Energy saving features

Air quality features

Air Distribution features

Convenience features

Want cleaner air for your family?

Contact Midway Heating Company for more information on Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps or schedule your free estimate on installation.