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Apr 27, 2017

Mini-Split Ductless Systems Are Smart Choice For Portland Homes

Mini-split ductless systemsYou have probably heard at least a little about mini-split ductless systems though they are also called ductless heat pumps, ductless mini-splits or another combination of these words.

Regardless of what you call them, they all refer to the same type of system that offers both heating and cooling (like a regular heat pump) to your Portland home.

There’s several different brands on the market though we want to introduce you to the Daikin Ductless Mini-Split systems. Daikin has always been on the forefront of ductless technology so it’s no surprise their systems are at the top of their class.

Mitsubishi also makes great ductless products so read this past blog post on Mitsubishi systems for those details.

If you don’t understand how ductless systems work, read our past blog post explaining how ductless mini-split systems work.

When is a ductless system needed?

If you have a room that’s always hot in the summer because the sun beats in through the window all afternoon or an office or home theater with computer equipment that throws off a lot of heat, then you’re a good candidate for this.

  • New addition with no ductwork
  • Upstairs rooms or office
  • Sunroom
  • Garage converted to a living space

Ductless mini-split is more secure

If you’re debating between installing a window a/c unit and a ductless unit, the ductless wins as has a more secure installation. With a ductless system, the outside unit is connected to the inside unit by a small hole in the wall so it’s safer.

When you install a window unit (especially on the ground floor), there’s always the issue that your home isn’t secure as a prowler could simply pull the unit out of the window and climb inside. Plus, you have the issue with sealing the unit so bugs don’t get in as well as water leaking when it rains.

Daikin Ductless Heat Pump Systems

LV Series

  • Single room use
  • Up to 18 24.5 SEER, 12.5 HSPF and 15.1 EER
  • 12-year Parts Limited Warranty

    Daikin Ductless Heat Pump Systems


  • Single room use
  • Up to 26.1 SEER, 11.0 HSPF and 15.8 EER
  • Energy Star Most Efficient 2017
  • 12-years Parts Limited Warranty

Aurora Series

  • Single room use up to 20 SEER, 12.5 HSPF and 13 EER
  • Multi-zone use (2 or 3 rooms) up to 17.9 SEER, 12.5 HSPF and 12.7 EER
  • 12-years Parts Limited Warranty

MXS Series

  • Multi-zone use for up to 8 rooms
  • Up to 19.5 SEER, 11.3 HSPF and 12.6 EER
  • 12-year Parts Limited Warranty

EER, it stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio. It’s the ratio of the cooling capacity to the power output and the higher the rating, the more efficient the unit.

Daikin has 3 styles of indoor units

  • Wall mounted-slim, contemporary design
  • 2×2 Ceiling Cassette-small compact unit
  • Concealed Slim Duct-fits in existing ductwork

The nice thing with the MXS Series is that indoor units of different styles and capacities can be paired with the same outdoor unit so you can pick the unit style that works best for each room. If not much wall space is available, the Ceiling Cassette is a great option and you don’t need to worry about adjusting the temperature as all units have a remote control.

If the room already has ductwork, the Concealed Slim Duct fits in your ductwork and no one will notice it.  Please note the LV Series only come with the wall-mounted unit while the MXS Series has the option of using all 3 styles.

3 benefits of ductless systems

  • Increased energy efficiency-saves money and energy
  • Minimizes temperature swings-even when weather changes quickly
  • Better air quality-reduces odors, bacteria, viruses and mold

Intelligent eye technology saves money

The Daikin LV and MXS series have an intelligent eye feature that detects movement and will automatically switch to the energy saving mode if movement is not detected for over 20 minutes. When it senses movement again, it goes back to normal operation.

This may seem minor though it can save you up to 20% in cooling and up to 30% in heating costs and excess energy.

Smart Inverter technology

All Daikin mini-split systems have an inverter variable-speed compressor capable of running at many different speeds-not just full speed. When starting, they slowly ramp up to reduce the noise level and then operates at the lowest speed needed to achieve and maintain your set temperature. This reduces energy consumption by up to 30% when compared to fixed-speed systems.

Breathe cleaner air

Comfort is more than just the air temperature-it’s also about the quality and humidity of the air inside your home. Our titanium apatite photocatalytic air filter purifies the air you breathe by trapping microscopic particles, like bacteria, viruses and mold and helps reduce odors at the same time. Our washable filters have a long life as they can last up to 3 years.

Control your ductless system with ease

All models have a wireless remote control which makes using Daikin ductless systems so easy and convenient to operate. Plus, each indoor unit has its own control so the temperature in individual rooms can be set differently for increased comfort.

The LV,  MXS and Aurora (multi-zone models only) controls also come with the Daikin ENVi intelligent thermostat which gives you remote access so you can program and control your system from your smart phone, tablet or computer. This increases its energy efficiency as you can change your settings if you are going to be late getting home from work.

A ductless mini-split is a smarter choice than having to install a window a/c unit in the summer and a space heater in the winter as it’s more energy efficient (meaning you’ll save money).

If you’re not sure if a mini-split ductless system is right for your Portland home or business, contact us for a free estimate. We’ll let you know if it’s a good fit and if not, we’ll recommend a product that will work for you.