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2-Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace

This 2-stage variable speed gas furnace from the Dave Lennox Signature collection is rated 80 AFUE.  One of the quietest furnaces in its class, the SL280V will help you save money on heating costs for your Portland Oregon home.

How much can you save?

Compared to a 60 AFUE furnace, you can save up to 25% per year with an 80 AFUE furnace.  That can translate up to $5,012 in ten years and $7,518 over 15 years.  Do the math to see that this furnace helps pay for itself.  Plus, you’ll love its other features that provide consistent comfort.

Quiet and comfortable

With a 1-stage furnace, your furnace is either off or running at full blast.  A 2-stage furnace has a high and low setting.  This allows your furnace to run on the quieter, low setting most of the time, which eliminates loud blasts of air when the system starts.

It only kicks up to the high setting when needed, like when it’s extra cold.  The variable speed fan motor keeps your home at your desired set temp by producing consistent airflow, which prevents temperature swings and those annoying cold spots.  

SL280V furnace features

iComfort-enabled thermostat

Pair your new furnace with a Lennox iComfort-enabled smart thermostat like the S30.  Wi-fi capability allows remote access for controlling from your phone, tablet or anywhere with internet access.

The easy-to-use interface makes programming a breeze-even for those who aren’t tech savvy.  As a smart thermostat, it learns and will alter settings to save energy (and money). Check out all its features by visiting our Thermostats page

Optional increased comfort

You have the option of installing an air filter and/or humidifier with your furnace.  Visit our Air Filtration page to read more on the popular Air Scrubber Advanced by Aerus as well as Lennox and Honeywell Air Cleaners.

Schedule your free estimate

Contact Midway Heating to schedule your free estimate for installing this 2-stage variable speed gas furnace. If this furnace isn’t the best fit for your family, we have plenty of Lennox models that will fit your comfort and budget needs.