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Apr 25, 2013

Why Lennox offers the best in energy efficient heating and cooling equipment

Lennox has the best energy efficient heating and cooling equipmentThere are many brands of heating and cooling equipment on the market today and all claim to be the best so how do you know which company is REALLY the best?

This post will explain why the energy efficient heating and cooling equipment from Lennox is the cream of the crop in the HVAC market.

Lennox focuses on innovation

It all starts with product innovation and Lennox has been leading the HVAC industry since the beginning when it built the first riveted-steel furnace back in 1895.  They are continuing their pioneering in the HVAC industry by offering a SunSource® Solar-Ready option for their heat pumps.

This allows you to add solar modules to create a solar powered system that generates electricity to run your heat pump.  How cool is that?

This takes us to what they call Ene•vation or Energy Innovation meaning the technologies they are developing are saving energy (and that translates into money for consumers like you).

Lennox is a 4-time winner of the ENERGY STAR® Manufacturing Partner of the Year award and they are the 1st winner in the heating and cooling industry-EVER.  They won this honor by offering a complete selection of high-efficiency systems for homes and businesses that can save consumers hundreds of dollars on their utility bills every year.

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Green program to promote a cleaner environment

The main goal with all this advanced energy efficient technology is to create a cleaner global environment though saving money is a nice reward for people who upgrade their equipment.

We already mentioned their solar-assisted equipment that uses solar power instead of electricity to operate though even their top-of-the-line 98% AFUE-rated gas furnace supports a cleaner environment by cutting waste.

Imagine if every home with a gas furnace upgraded to a 98% efficiency furnace-that’s a lot less wasted energy when you consider many furnaces are probably operating at a 65% to 80% efficiency.

Do the math- the 33 to 18% differences add up when you figure the cost over the lifetime of the furnace.

Let’s breathe cleaner air

Lennox’s air purifiers and cleaners are made to work with their heating and cooling systems to reduce allergens and contaminants in the air while improving the circulation and balancing humidity levels. This is not only important for people with asthma or breathing problems but creates a healthier environment for everyone.

In addition, the Lennox systems clean the air without producing ozone, a known lung irritant and many of their competitors cannot make this same claim.

In addition to their energy innovation, Lennox started a thermostat recycling program to collect and properly dispose of older thermostats that contain mercury-a known contaminant.   Mercury is harmful to humans, animals and the entire environment so making sure it doesn’t just end up in a landfill is helping keep the Earth’s ecosystem healthier.

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Comfort and quality for all members of your family

Lennox doesn’t stop with technology; they want to be a trailblazer in comfort and quality too as after all, what good is their equipment if it doesn’t last.

Most Lennox products have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, which is a trusted name to homeowners and only given to products which meet their high quality standards.

In order to guarantee the quality of their products, Lennox has their own state-of-the-art research labs where they run their equipment through rigorous testing.

The equipment is put through a variety of tests to represent the most demanding operational and environmental conditions to ensure it will function in ALL situations-no matter how tough.  This is how they ensure the equipment is durable and reliable in an everyday situation.

The Lennox warranty

Lennox has always offered one of the best warranties in the HVAC field with extended warranty protection available for certain high efficiency systems. Energy Efficient furnace comparison

When you are using a Dave Lennox Premier dealer, you have the added security of knowing they will recommend the best system for your home or business and install it correctly as the installation is as important as selecting the right  equipment for the job.

When you select energy efficient heating and cooling equipment from Lennox, you can feel good you are getting the most advanced equipment on the market today that not only saves you money but gives you lasting comfort as well.

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