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Mitsubishi Ductless Systems For Portland Homes

With the ability to heat and cool, Mitsubishi ductless systems offer energy efficient performance and precise control for one room, multiple rooms or even your whole house.

As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer, Midway Heating offers installation, service, and maintenance of their ductless systems by qualified technicians.  Their systems focus on heating and cooling individual areas (or zones) thus delivering better comfort while saving Portland homeowners energy and money.

Benefit from advanced technology

Precise comfort means setting and maintaining your preferred temp in each zone for the ultimate in comfort.  Better technology delivers all these benefits in an energy efficient way.

One room or whole house?

One of the great things about ductless heat pumps (also known as mini-splits) is their versatility.  You can pair one outside unit to many inside units.  Depending on the model, one outside unit can be paired with up to 8 inside units.

Even better, you can choose which style of inside unit matches your décor and/or works best for your application.  Midway installs wall and floor-mounted models but our most popular are the wall-mounted units.

Wall-mounted units

Floor-mounted units

Air quality for cleaner air

Even if you don’t have asthma or allergies, you still want to breathe clean air, right?  The advanced multi-stage filtration captures and removes contaminants that can cause allergy or asthma symptoms, spread illness and impact air quality throughout your entire house.

Their washable filters last up to 10 years. You save money because you don’t need to buy replacements every year while it reduces your environmental impact. Some systems have Platinum Deodorizing filters that use nanotechnology to absorb odors by neutralizing the worst smells.

Energy efficiency saves money

Conventional systems are either on or off meaning they run at full power or not at all.  Mitsubishi’s inverter-compressor technology means their compressors ramp up or down in increments depending on the needs of each room. 

With an inside unit in each room or zone, you can set the temperature in each zone according to the comfort needs of the occupants or shut off rooms not in use to save money.

Hyper-heating deliver comfort

Conventional heat pumps have always been energy efficient BUT they do not perform well when the outside temp is below freezing.  This is the reason heat pumps are paired with a furnace because the furnace has to take over when it’s below 32 degrees outside.

Mitsubishi’s Hyper-heating INVERTER (H2i) technology uses an enhanced compressor system to deliver heat even when the outside temperature is as low as -13.  You won’t need supplemental heating to maintain a comfortable inside temp and with hot-start technology, warm air is provided as soon as the unit turns on so there’s no cold drafts.

Whisper quiet

Ductless equipment operates differently, which eliminates the noise of traditional systems.

Smart controls

Each inside unit has its own remote control. Each area (or zone) can be set at a different temp for the ultimate in comfort and energy savings.  Plus, RedLINK technology allows connection with up to 16 devices to your heating and cooling system without interference from other wireless devices.

Their kumo cloud app means you can easily program and/or change settings and create reminders to check filters from whatever mobile devices you have connected to the system.

Automated comfort

Each unit has an air handler that measures the returned air and automatically adjusts to maintain your set temp.  This is more accurate than relying on the thermostat, especially if it’s located in another room.

The inverter technology continually ramps up or downs to sustain the set temp rather than turning on/off at certain temperature thresholds.  Why is this better?  It eliminates hot & cold temp swings, which keeps each room at a constant temp.

Free estimates

Contact Midway Heating with any questions or to schedule your free estimate for installation of a Mitsubishi ductless system.