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Jul 27, 2018

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Options For Portland

Portland air conditioningSeems like our summers are getting hotter so now seems like the perfect time to talk about energy efficient air conditioning options for our Portland Oregon home.

Should you upgrade old A/C equipment?

Many people think if their A/C unit still works, they should keep it but you can save money by upgrading.  New equipment is much more efficient than units made 10 or more years ago.

Older units not only waste money but they waste energy (also true of furnaces). Older a/c units may only operate at 10 SEER while new equipment runs at 18 SEER or higher.

Lennox has an Energy Savings calculator that shows you how much money you can save so let’s compare 10 SEER  and 18 SEER units.  Based on the U.S. national average, it estimates a 44% savings per year or $720 savings over 5 years and $1,440 savings over 10 years.  Here’s a link to run your own comparisons.

3 energy efficient options

Each of these options offers different advantages.  The size of your home, your comfort level, your current heating and cooling system, etc. all play a part in deciding which option is right for you.

1.Ductless heat pumps
2.Heat pump
3. Air conditioning unit

We encourage you to call us for a professional recommendation.  We want you to get the best bang for your buck.Ductless heat pumps are energy efficient air condtioning option

Ductless or mini-splits

Ductless heat pumps (sometimes called mini-splits) are popular as they are not only energy efficient but offer the choice of installing a single unit to cool 1 room or multiple units for several rooms.

They’re called ductless because they don’t need to be hooked up to duct work and therefore, installed quicker.  The outside unit is connected to the inside unit by a refrigerant line so only a small hole (around 3”) needs to be made in the wall to connect the 2 components.

Plus, each inside unit has its own control so it can be set at a different temperature or shut off when not needed to save money.  If you want more information, read our past blog post on ductless heat pumps.

Whole home A/C solutions

If you’re looking for a cooling solution for your entire house, you probably want to consider a heat pump or air conditioning unit as it’s more economical than installing a ductless heat pump.  Also some people do not like the look of the ductless inside unit, which is mounted either on the wall or the ceiling.

Heat pump helps year-round

The benefit to a heat pump is that it cools your home in the summer and helps heat your home in cold weather saving you money year-round.  Read our past blog post on heat pumps for more information on how they work.

Lennox A/C units for all budgetsLennox A/C Unit

Our customers are usually happy to hear they don’t need to buy the most expensive unit on the market to save money.

While Lennox offers A/C units to fit all budgets, two of our most popular units are from their moderately priced mid-range lines.

The EL16XC1 has a 17 SEER rating and the 13ACX has a 13 SEER rating.  Both provide budget friendly cooling to keep you comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside.

Free estimates on installations

As you can see, there are many factors to weigh when deciding to install energy efficient air conditioning in your Portland home.  Midway Heating offers free estimates on installation and will take time to explain which equipment will be the most economical and provide the best comfort.