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Energy Efficient Furnace For Heating On A Budget

This energy efficient furnace makes it easy for budget-savvy Portland Oregon homeowners to heat their home with the new 2-stage furnace from Lennox’s Merit Series.

Rated at 96% AFUE, the ML296V with its variable-speed blower motor heats evenly and efficiently.  It proves you don’t have to buy a top of the line furnace to be comfortable and save money at the same time.

What does 96% efficiency mean?

For every dollar you spend on heating your home, 96 cents go towards heating it and only 4 cents are wasted.  For example, an 80% AFUE gas furnace is only 80% efficient so 20 cents out of every dollar is wasted. 

Do the math.   Take that amount times every dollar spent over the lifetime of the furnace and you’ll see that it adds up.  Considering how many years you’ll likely have your new high efficiency furnace; you can see how it will pay for itself.

Energy saving features of the ML296V

Lennox is known for building durable equipment using the latest in technological advances.  The following energy saving features are responsible for its excellent performance.

Dependable operation

The ML296V will last a long time as the silicon nitride Surelight ignitor will deliver reliable performance for years.  For added security, it comes with a 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited warranty on remaining covered components.

Incentives for upgrading to high efficiency furnace

Energy Star qualified and at 96% efficiency, the ML296V is just one of the furnaces that meet the requirements for the NW Natural incentive program. 

Whether you currently have an oil or electric furnace and you want to switch to natural gas or want to replace your aging gas furnace, NW Natural has rebates available.  Contact Midway Heating to learn more and to schedule your free estimate for an energy efficient furnace.