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Residential Water Heaters

With so many energy efficient water heaters on the market today, there’s no reason you should ever run out of hot water in your Portland home. Midway Heating Company installs a variety of gas and electric storage-style water heaters from Reliance.

Reliance water heaters are better value

You can save money by upgrading your water heater as a 10-year old model is less efficient. Midway offers a variety of Reliance electric and gas conventional water heaters in varying capacities so we'll find the right model to fit your hot water needs and budget.

Please note that while Midway Heating installs new water heaters, we do not repair them.

Reliance Storage-style Water Heater

Reliance storage-style water heaters

Reliance self-cleaning water heaters are energy-efficient and built to stay that way as efficiency declines when sediment buildups. That's why our automatic self-cleaning feature won't send your water heating costs through the roof!

  • Gas and electric models
  • High efficiency to save you money
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified models
  • Self-cleaning feature keeps it running at peak efficiency
  • Variety of sizes and water-holding capacities

Sediment buildup causes problems

Harmful deposits of lime and other sediment build up in the bottom of the tank and heating elements. Sediment eventually eats away at the tank’s protective inner lining and welds.

Self-cleaning prevents buildup

It’s only a matter of time before rust forms and leaks start. Reliance has automatic self-cleaning turbulence to keep sediment moving so it doesn’t build up and cause problems.

Consider your current type

If you have an electric water heater you may want to stay with electric as converting to gas could be costly and depending on your location, you may not have access to natural gas.

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