Save money heating your Portland homeBy upgrading to energy efficient gas furnace.

If you’re tired of high heating bills, think about upgrading your aging furnace with the energy efficient SLP98V gas furnace from Lennox.

In addition to saving money, you’ll also enjoy increased comfort as its precise temperature control eliminates big temperature swings for even heating throughout your home.

Energy efficient equipment Portland

The best news of all? This highly efficient Lennox furnace qualifies for incentives and rebates, which makes it even more affordable for Portlanders.

Why install the SLP98V?

  • Save money- lower heating bills
  • Save energy-up to 98.7% efficient
  • Increased comfort-no hot or cold spots

Convert oil furnace to gas and save

If you currently have an oil furnace, you may want to contact us about an oil to natural gas conversion.  Midway Heating is a NW Natural Preferred Contractor, which means we are experts at converting oil furnaces to gas.

Visit our Conversion page to learn about all the benefits and incentives available to you when making the switch.

Energy efficient furnace featuresLennox energy efficient furnace

Rated as one of the Most Efficient Energy Star certified products of 2018, the SLP98V from Lennox has everything you could want in a gas furnace.   You may wonder why you didn’t install it sooner after reading about its top features and benefits.   

  • Variable-capacity operation-modifies output between 35% and 100% for better efficiency
  • Precision Comfort technology-adjusts in increments as little as 1% for exact temp control
  • Silent Comfort technology-up to 10x quieter than competitive models
  • Cleaner air-Fan-on mode provides constant air filtration
  • Pair with iComfort S30 smart thermostat-control settings via your phone

How much can you save?

Quite a lot. When comparing the 98.7% efficiency of the SLP98V with a 60% AFUE-rated furnace, you can save up to 38% each year (based on US national averages). In 5 years, that can add up to $3,823 and $7,646 over ten years.

When you add up all those savings over the lifetime of the furnace (which could be 15 years or more), you can see how a new furnace will pay for itself.

Experts on upgrading and conversion

As a NW Natural Preferred contractor, we're experienced in conversions and installations and will make sure your new equipment works perfectly. Whether you’re converting from oil or upgrading your old furnace, beat the rush and call or contact us for your free estimate today.

Lennox stands behind their products

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on heat exchanger
  • 10-year limited warranty on remaining covered components.

Incentives for conversion and upgrading

Call Midway Heating to learn about current incentives on installations. If you’re converting from oil to natural gas, NW Natural offers great incentives to 1st time customers.

Ready for cold weather?

Winter can bring high heating bills, but we have the solution. Install a new energy efficient furnace.

Nate CertifiedAll installations are done by NATE Certified installers so you can be sure your new furnace is being installed correctly.

Our experienced technicians make sure all new equipment is properly calibrated to perform at maximum efficiency.

"Arrival times were promptly kept, communication was great and personable, drop cloths were used through the home and clean-up was very well done.

When the job was finished, they made it clear that they were happy to help if any problems arose. "

- Leslie

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Portland

Energy efficient ductless heat pumps

Looking for a heating and cooling solution for 1 room or multiple rooms? A ductless heat pump may be the answer.

They don't need ductwork so they are easier to install. Visit our Ductless Heat Pump page to learn more.

NW Natural Preferred Contractor Alliance

NW Natural established a Preferred Contractors Alliance to provide Portland homeowners with a list of highly qualified natural gas equipment contractors capable of inspecting, installing and repairing heating and cooling equipment.

As a Preferred Contractor, Midway Heating has met all the quality assurance standards established by NW Natural. In addition, our technicians are NATE certified and we are licensed, bonded and insured.

iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat

Check out the iComfort S30 smart thermostat

This Lennox thermostat helps you get the most out of your heating and cooling system.

It allows remote access so you can adjust settings from your smart phone to save money. Read more on our Thermostat page.