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Lennox furnaces and air cleaners

Save money on heating and get cleaner air with a new energy efficient gas furnace and Air Scrubber Advanced whole home air cleaner. As a NW Natural Preferred Contractor, we are featuring 2 of our most popular gas furnaces from Lennox.

air scrubber advanced air cleaner

Air Scrubber Advanced

It uses light waves and a catalytic process to remove airborne contaminants and can be easily added to your existing equipment.

  • Removes up to 99% of surface and airborne contaminants
  • Greatly reduces dust, pet dander and odors
  • Effective against Norovirus, Staph, Strep, E-Coli and more
  • Certified Space Technology continually purifies air
  • Attaches to your existing HVAC system ductwork
Lennox Energy Efficient Gas Furnace

SLP98V High efficiency with precision comfort

Our best-seller, it’s everything you want in your furnace: energy efficiency, quiet and the most even heating you’ll ever experienced.

  • 98.7% AFUE
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Save money & energy
  • Variable-speed motor modifies output between 35-100%
  • No hot/cold spots-adjusts in increments as little as 1%
  • Up to 10x quieter than competitive models-Silent Comfort technology
Lennox Elite Gas Furnace

EL296V Great value & budget friendly

This 2-stage variable speed gas furnace creates heat at 2 levels, which results in a smart balance between energy use and comfort.

  • 96% AFUE
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Variable-speed motor reduces electrical use by two-thirds.
  • 2-stage heating minimizes temp swings.
  • Variable-speed airflow delivers consistent comfort.
  • Pair with heat pump for dual-fuel system
Lennox Elite Gas Furnace

Fall rebates & financing

You can receive up to $1,350 in rebates with the purchase and installation of a new Lennox system. Contact us to learn what equipment qualifies for rebates.

To make your new system even easier to get, we are offering a fall financing special. Make no payments for 6 months when you finance your new Lennox system for as little as $132 a month.

Rebates and financing special ends 11/27/2020. Please contact Midway Heating for more details.

Current Rebates and Specials:

Fall Tune-up Special

$115 for a Precision Tune-up and $70 for 1 additional piece of equipment serviced (do not service oil equipment). Expires 10/30/20 and must mention special or present card at time of inquiry.

Fall Install Special

$150 off installation of furnace 95% or greater or $300 off install of furnace 95% or greater and A/C.

$100 off install of Air Scrubber Advanced. Expires 10/30/2020.

NW Natural Incentives until Dec. 31, 2020

New customers can receive up to $3,000 back when you convert your electric or oil heating system to a high efficiency natural gas furnace, water heater and central A/C.

$1,300 incentive when NWN Preferred Contractor installs new natural gas furnace or boiler.

$1,500 incentive when NWN Preferred Contractor installs new natural gas furnace PLUS central a/c.

$1,800 incentive when NWN Preferred Contractor installs new natural gas furnace PLUS tank or tankless water heater.

$2,000 incentive when NWN Preferred Contractor installs new natural gas furnace PLUS tank or tankless water heater & central a/c.

$1,000 incentive for 90% AFUE gas furnace for eligible moderate income households-courtesy of ETO.

NW Natural Incentives - Existing customers

Existing NWN customers can get up to $1,200 by upgrading to a high efficiency gas furnace installed by a NW Natural Preferred Contractor.

I started using Midway Heating company about a year ago and let me tell you I am most impressed.

They have excellent customer service, reasonable rates and have responded to my HVAC needs in a timely manner. I highly recommend them.

-Nicole K.

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