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Apr 4, 2019

Lennox Unit Heater Makes Your Portland Garage More Usable

Portland Oregon homeowners can convert unused garage space into the ultimate workshop by installing a unit heater to make the area usable year-round. 

Why install a unit heater in your garage?

  • No more cold starts for your vehicles, which can be hard on the engine.
  • Eliminate risk of carbon monoxide buildup when warming up your vehicle.
  • Keeps the area warmer and safer than a portable space heater.
  • Store items without worrying that they’ll freeze.
  • Comfortable workspace for hobbies or home projects.

Midway Heating Company offers Lennox unit heaters in a range of sizes and configurations for residential and light commercial use.  Whether you have a two-stall garage or a separate building with a workshop, there’s a model that will adequately heat the area.

LF24 and T-class TUA unit heaters

These affordable heaters feature cutting edge technology from Lennox, which makes them energy efficient and durable.    

  • Aluminized tubular heat exchanger has superior design for better heat transfer.
  • Low -profile cabinet design with hanging brackets can be installed in tight spaces.
  • Direct-spark ignition enhances operation and energy efficiency.
  • Self-diagnostic board with LED display makes troubleshooting easier.
  • Single-piece burner assembly is easy to reach/remove for cleaning or service.
  • Sidewall venting means you don’t have to cut a hole in roof for ventilation.

Stand out feature is tubular heat exchanger  

The one feature that’s at the heart of all Lennox unit heaters is the tubular heat exchanger.  The curved design produces better heat exchange than others because it’s totally exposed to the air stream.  Plus, the rounded surfaces decrease air resistance, which promotes even heating while reducing stress across the entire component.

The LF24 model is the most popular and suitable for most residential applications.  It has 81% thermal efficiency and is available in heating capacities from 30,000-390,000.

Light commercial applications

The T-class TUA is a separated combustion heater that’s perfect for hard to heat applications where excessive dust, dirt, humidity or negative pressure is a concern.  With 82% thermal efficiency, it comes in heating capacities from 40,000-300,000 Btuh so there’s a model to fit your needs.

Professional installation by HVAC experts

Midway Heating Company is a Lennox Premier Dealer and has NATE certified technicians to make sure your new unit heater is properly installed.  Contact us to schedule your free estimate of a Lennox unit heater.