Install energy efficient heating and cooling equipment in your Portland Oregon home

You'll love how comfortable you are!Comfortable home with energy efficient equipment

Since 1959, Midway Heating has been providing heating and cooling services for homeowners throughout the Portland area, including Gladstone, Gresham, Troutdale, Tigard, West Linn, Milwaukie and Lake Oswego.

We want our customers to be comfortable without spending a fortune on their utility bills and the answer is installing energy efficient equipment. You can save energy and money at the same time.

If you add up your savings over the life of the equipment, you'll see that it really does pay for itself.

Save money with an energy efficient furnace

Many high efficiency gas furnaces on the market today operate with a 96% or higher AFUE efficiency. When you consider most furnaces more than 15 years old have a 65% efficiency, it’s easy to see why your heating bills are higher than they need to be.

That’s where Midway Heating can help. As a Lennox Premier dealer, we have energy efficient furnaces to fit all budgets and comfort levels, from the top notch SLP98V to the more affordable ML296V. Learn more by visiting our Furnace product page.

Installing A/C can be affordable for all budgets

Portland Lennox Air ConditionerThe weather in Oregon is not super hot and most days, your a/c won't be running 24/7 so there's no need to buy the most expensive model. Three of our best selling A/C units are the SL18XC1, EL16CX1 and the 13ACX. All will save you energy and money.

If you're upgrading your A/C, installing a Lennox high efficiency unit is a good idea as a newer model is more efficient than older models.

Convert your oil furnace to natural gas

Midway Heating and CoolingMidway Heating and Cooling

You can't talk about energy efficiency without discussing converting your current oil furnace to a more efficient gas furnace.

If your oil furnace is prone to break downs, it may be smarter to invest in a new gas furnace instead of spending money to fix an old furnace.

Here are before and after photos of an aging oil furnace being replaced by a natural gas furnace.

Gas furnaces are more efficient than oil furnaces so visit our Furnace Conversion page to read more about the benefits of natural gas furnaces and the process of switching to natural gas.

Upgrade all equipment for bigger savings

The savings don't stop with furnaces, there’s also been advancements in the efficiency of air conditioners and heat pumps so now is the time to consider upgrading your equipment.

NW Natural and Oregon Department of Energy offer rebates and incentives on many models of energy efficient equipment. The amounts vary so contact Midway Heating to schedule your free estimate and we'll give you the details.

Lennox knows high efficiency

As a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, Midway Heating offers a wide selection of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems that can save you as much as 20% annually on your energy costs. That’s a difference you’ll definitely notice when you open your utility bill!

Lennox Premier Dealer

Lennox is a four-time winner of the Energy Star manufacturing Partner of the Year award and the first and only winner in the heating and cooling industry.

Rebates for high efficiency equipment

Many homeowners may not be aware that they qualify for rebates and incentives for installing energy efficient furnaces, A/C, heat pumps and ductless heat pumps.

NW Natural has incentives good until December 31, 2019. New customers can get up to $1,550 while existing customers can get up to $750.

The amounts vary depending on the equipment so visit our home page to see what’s currently available and call for details.

Portland Energy efficient equipment

"I started using Midway Heating company about a year ago and let me tell you I am most impressed.

They have excellent customer service, reasonable rates and have responded to my HVAC needs in a timely manner. I highly recommend them."

-Nicole K.

Energy Star logo

What is Energy Star?

Energy Star is a government sponsored program set up to help businesses and homeowners by giving them the information they need to make smart choices about buying energy efficient products.

What is SEER?

It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

Often compared to gas mileage on a car, it measure the cooling output to electrical consumption over a range of temperatures.

The higher the SEER number, the more efficient your A/C or heat pump and the less it will cost to operate.

What is AFUE?

It’s short for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.

The AFUE number tells you how efficiently a furnace converts fuel to energy so the higher the percentage, the more energy efficient the furnace.

For example, a 95% AFUE-rated furnace means that 95 cents out of every dollar actually goes towards heating your home.