Save money with an oil to gas furnace conversionfor your Portland Oregon home.

Portland Oil Furnace Repair

If you currently have an oil furnace in your Portland home, you may want to think about converting to a natural gas furnace.

The staff at Midway Heating Company are experts at oil to gas conversions and would be happy to discuss the benefits of converting.

As a NW Natural Preferred Contractor, we have completed many furnace conversions.  Our NATE certified technicians are constantly working with NW Natural to convert Portland customers to natural gas and are well versed in the process.

Benefits of converting from oil to gas

  • Save money on heating costs and maintenance
  • Save energy-gas furnaces are more efficient
  • Better for environment-gas has lower carbon emissions
  • More convenient-no more scheduling oil deliveries

So, if you are thinking about an oil to gas conversion, contact us for your free estimate. We’ll check to make sure natural gas is available at your address, explain the process and tell you about the current incentives for making the switch.

Gas furnaces are more energy efficientOil Gas Conversion

The SLP98 from Lennox has an 98% efficiency rating while the most efficient oil furnace on the market is 86% efficient. The oil furnace in your home is probably older so its efficiency would be less.

Remember, 98% means that 98 cents out of every dollar goes towards heating your house as opposed to 80 cents (estimating your current furnace is 80% efficient).

If you add up all the money you’ll be saving on heating over the lifetime of your new gas furnace, you’ll see how quickly it pays for itself.

Furnace conversion experts

Midway Heating is a NW Natural Preferred Contractor and a Trade Ally of the Oregon Energy Trust.

This means we have met all their requirements and continue to provide exceptional service on a continuing basis.

It's all part of our commitment to provide the best service possible to our customers.

Nate Certified TechniciansMidway staff is NATE Certified

Our staff is NATE Certified, a nationwide certification program for technicians in the HVAC industry who work in the residential and light commercial market.

As part of the program, our staff participates in ongoing education and training to stay current on the latest developments in the field

Incentives for switching

NW Natural is now offering up to $1,550 in incentives to Portland homeowners who convert their oil furnace to a high-efficiency natural gas furnace and central air conditioner.

Some restrictions apply and incentives last until May 31, 2019. Call us and we'll give you the details during your free estimate.

“The 2 guys that did our install did a great job. Very clean work.

They were super nice and very tidy with the install.”

- George & Lisa W.

Is your oil furnace a hassle?

Between finding a repairman to fix your oil furnace and having to call for an oil delivery, your aging furnace can take up more time than you’d like.

No more prepaying fuel

With your oil furnace, you not only have to remember to have your tank filled, you also have to pre-pay for the oil. Natural gas is piped to your house, so you’ll never have to schedule deliveries.

Plus, natural gas is pay-as-you-go. It’s billed monthly and the invoice is only for the amount used the previous month.

Spend less on service calls

Oil furnaces are a more complicated machine than a gas furnace. Therefore, they need maintenance and cleaning more often to keep them in good working order.

If your oil furnace is older, then you are probably spending even more money to keep it running since parts may need to be replaced as it ages.

Because natural gas furnaces are less complex than oil furnaces, they also cost less than a new oil furnace. That means it’ll cost you less money when you install your new gas furnaces.

Portland Oil Furnace Repair